Inspiration - Motorcycles

Pioneer motorcycles will always have a heroic attraction. Like any early mode of transport, the quest for speed was soon chased, once the initial task of engineering and being in control was soon mastered. Companies like Indian and Harley Davidson in the USA, were at the forefront of such quests, while Europe, had names like Anzani, Buchet and Peugeot to name but a few. All doing there bit for stirring up the dusty roads of the turn of the 20th century. 

The simplicity of the frames, coupled with the often massive engines between the riders legs, gave a thrilling spectacle for those looking on. Boarded tracks sprung up over the globe to entertain the growing sport. 

But the early motorcycle grew from the bicycle industry, with one example being; French bicycle maker 'Clement', who produced a small 1.1/4hp engine to fit there bicycle. Driven by belt drive.

We love the early days of the motorcycle, so we've put together a simple gallery to honour this era.