BBC - The Repair Shop.

In July 2018, I was copied in on an email destined for the production company that produces the BBC program; 'The Repair Shop'. I had been put forward by a very good friend, as an expert to help with 2 items which had been submitted by their owners which were in need of repair. After many phone calls and an interview, I then found myself jumping straight in at the deep end of TV life for 3 weeks filming in August.  

Although I had done some filming work in the past, It took some getting used to working alongside a full TV crew with the other experts for 3 weeks. The 10 hour days were challenging, with every aspect of my work being filmed. I look back on the whole experience as incredibly rewarding; and by the end, I found myself part of the 'The Repair Shop' family. All an incredible bunch of lovely people. 

With over 2 million viewers, the new series is being air'd on BBC 1 from 1st April at 4.30pm weekdays. 9th April is my first item on The Repair Shop.   I'll post it on my Facebook and Instagram pages.