The Workshop

For the restoration - design - fabrication - overhauling & the building of bicycles, lightweight motorcycles, cyclecars, pioneer flying machines and anything else that takes our fancy. Offering a 'more seat of the pants' experience to the discerning. 

For the Vintage enthusiast, the post-war era bought new challenges and demands due to the atrocious post-war state of many vehicles, the roads and the shallow pockets of the enthusiast.
Just as the Mini introduced comfortable efficiency, a Bentley was held together with string and fettled daily with the maxim ‘if it isn't broken, then a bit will fall off any minute”.

Much of the late 1950s, mirrored the time before, when the Austin Seven bought cheap family motoring and replaced the pioneer motorist; whose only real competition, then, was the bicycle or the single horse-powered cart.

And so we retreat back to the time where ‘entry level transport’ meant the recently invented bicycle. Motorcycles, Cyclecars and flying machines, were the fashion and offered a more 'seat-of-the-pants' experience than the horse and cart ever could.

This pioneer era has always had an endearing attraction here at Gunn and Co, and we can recreate this era for you in a variety of different ways for a series of budgets that once again may put you, the enthusiast back in the driving seat or saddle.

This could be as simple as a bicycle; or a vehicle of two, three or four wheels powered by an engine or just you; using genuine parts and put together with period correct techniques in our workshop.
Any project can be adopted and realised at Gunn and Co in carefully managed and financed stages where the bicycle or vehicle takes shape and individuality governs the decisions. Built by us to a flexible timetable, it is made to run for further development by us or you. Alternatively, one of our projects can be taken on by you: - and you do the rest.

Of course your own kit of parts or restoration project - ie; that ‘one day I’m going to finish this beast’ project can be brought to Gunn & Co for completion in our workshop.

All of these options start with Tea and a chat. Just Contact Us to arrange to visit and we’ll put the kettle on.


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