c.1885 'The New Rapid No.3' Safety Bicycle. Sold

It's quite rare these days to actually find a very early bicycle in the location its been resting and gathering dust. I have known of this New Rapid No.3 safety bicycle for a number of years, but only recently, was I invited to view it. I had to climb over vintage Harley Davidson and an AJS motorcycle frame to get to it. 

The time has come for this rare bicycle to find a new home and I am assisting the owner with this process. 

The bicycle is in very good order, considering its age with both rims sound. The brake lever and plunger rod are missing along with the leather top to the saddle. The handlebars underneath on one side are also dented and would require repair. Otherwise, the bicycle is very complete with original horn grips and foot rest. Impressively stamped on the steerer forging with the words 'THE NEW RAPID No.3". A chain is with the bicycle, however this is not original to the bicycle and was found by the owner. 30" inch x 3/4' inch solid tyre rims are in good order. 

The bicycle obviously requires careful overhaul and parts like a brake lever to be fabricated. But I can assist with restoration if the new owner requires me to do so. 

Now sold. 

More images on the Flickr album below. 

New Rapid No.3 Safety.