c.1880 Penny Farthing Project - Sold

A good project to build a c.1880 penny farthing bicycle. Comprising of original 52" front rim and new (un-drilled rear rim), original front forks and moustache Handlebars ( these have an old repair on one fork blade and missing the bearings for the front hub), original backbone with early step and rear forks ( # 1374) and also stamped with a makers name which looks like (J. Seward? ). Sold

Original bronze rear radial hub and axle, remade saddle spring with an original saddle pan (this has been repaired at some time. 

Interesting original horn grips with (T) shaped ends for easier riding. 

It will need a front hub making or sourcing, and lots of engineering. But will build into a very nice, useable and early penny farthing. £850